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Interview with Louise Erdrich

In this interview Louise Erdrich starts off by talking about her life growing up. She talks about how her mother and father encouraged her to always write and how they were always teaching her something new. She talks about how her father wanted them to speak other languages and would leave little pieces of paper around the house with different words on them from other languages. Now that she is older she is trying to learn the Objibwe language, which is what her grandparents spoke. She has decided to go back through her writings and add in Objibwe words where she can. Towards the end of the interview she reads a passage from two of her books. One being “The Antelope’s Wife”, she reads the voice of the dog. She explains that the dog believes that he has stood by humans longer than any other animal and wants more respect from them. She explains the book is about a mysterious women who is really connected with the dog and a man who falls in love with her and takes her away. The woman makes the man’s life miserable and the dog is the one who really connects them. The other book she talks about is “The Roundhouse”. It is a book about a roundhouse which is a gathering place for spirits. This roundhouse is violated by an act of cruelty.

By watching this interview I learned a lot about Erdrich’s upbringing and what made her passion of writing start. I also learned about what some of her books are about and how diverse they are. In each book she writes, there is always a deeper meaning than we may believe and she talks about two of them in this interview. The main focus of this interview is to teach her readers not only the background of her but also her novels.

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